“Chamber Four” gives “Voting Booth After Dark” a Phenomenal Review!

Posted on February 23, 2011


Sean Clark writes a phenomenal review of The Voting Booth After Dark: Despicable, Embarrassing, Repulsive for Chamber Four!

Stand Out Passages:

“The story of the youths juxtaposes the somewhat disconnected world of addiction-fueling indulgence with the inflated patriotism and sense of civic responsibility that arrives with the build-up to an election and fizzles by the time the new president is inaugurated.

The inhabitants of Garcia’s book are depressed, suicidal, addicted, and full of disquiet. We see that they are at least trying to enter themselves into the conversation, to be tuned in to a country that is in many ways only theirs geographically. But ultimately they aren’t really in the conversation, and maybe aren’t even invited.”

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