The San Francisco Examiner & Alan Chin review “Voting Booth After Dark”

Posted on March 24, 2011


Accomplished writer Alan Chin reviews The Voting Booth After Dark: Despicable, Embarrassing, Repulsive for The San Francisco Examiner, Queer Magazine Online, Gay/Lesbian Fiction Book Reviews, and his popular blog A Passage to Now!

Stand Out Passages:

These are a gritty and unapologizing glimpse of the underbelly of a society gone mad. These characters are desperate, disenchanted, alcoholic, drug addicted, and some are suicidal. Yet, woven within this fabric of stark wretchedness is a glimmering hope for finding love, or a successful job, or simply being able to pay the bills or show up for work on time.

Reading this book was like watching a drunken bag lady passed out on a doorstep; I wanted to look away, but found myself fascinated by the descriptions thrown at me.

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