“Spike Magazine” publishes my review article on the play “Civil Rites”

Posted on May 13, 2011


Spike Magazine publishes my review of the amazing Company of Angels’ Theatrical Play Civil Rites, which was written and performed by non-actors — the homeless and working poor of the Downtown LA area.


Each performer shined in their unique ability to convey nuanced truths with captivating and colorful rawness. Carmen Vega, Victoria Gallardo, Vincent B. Clark, and Virgil Wilson especially moved me. They explored topics like unregulated toxins in tap water, drug addiction within the senior community, fear-based complacency, and the “invisible” homeless. Their impacting pieces personalized the politicized by painting an intricate human face on societal problems.

Read my whole article “Civil Rites: A Play For Us by Us” by clicking here.

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